Free Promotion Ends Tomorrow at 12 am on Jan. 30th!

Less than 3 hours left to download a free copy of my e-book, Stay Awhile on Amazon, A horror/thriller/suspense/mystery with plenty of gore and other horrifying elements. Read the synopsis below to get an idea. Enjoy!

Synopsis: A criminal invades the home of a middle class family when his plans go awry; the family comes home earlier than expected, just in time for dinner. In the Midwest, in a town 30 miles off the GPS radar, in a dark desolate neighborhood, the thief decides to hide in a staircase closet as he thinks of an escape while communicating with his driver via smart phone. Things turn into a nightmare when the thief witnesses what the seemingly normal family is consuming for dinner… human remains.

After today, you can buy Stay Awhile from Amazon at 2.99.


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