Resident Evil 2 Remake Discussion

WE DO IT! Continue reading Resident Evil 2 Remake Discussion


The Walking Dead – Conquer

Sunday night’s The Walking Dead Season 5 90-minute long finale was phenomenal. All together the episode resolved some conflicts while also setting up a dark future for next season. The scene opens to a wreaked sedan with its front smashed into the bark of a tall tree. Inside the car we see, Morgan! Morgan wakes up from the back seat and smiles when he sees the … Continue reading The Walking Dead – Conquer

The Walking Dead: ‘Try’

Last night’s episode titled, ‘Try’ was brooding on the level of high potential energy. Meaning crazy shit was about to escalate pretty quickly. The amount of stress built up in this episode could have caused cancer. And if there is one thing I learned it is that Shane has really influenced the way Rick now thinks. The night that Deanna and Reg hear about their … Continue reading The Walking Dead: ‘Try’

The Walking Dead: ‘Spend’

Sunday night’s episode of The Walking Dead was extremely intense, dramatic and did a number on my heart rate. The adrenaline was pumping through my veins the whole time. We finally got to see what some of the other characters were up to in their new found job duties. Gabriel being the preacher, Abraham helping build walls, Daryl going on his first recruitment assignment and … Continue reading The Walking Dead: ‘Spend’

The Walking Dead: ‘Remember’

The group have finally found salvation after a long spout of being on the road, starving and hanging onto one last breath. The community, Alexandria in Virginia, just a few miles along the outskirts of Washington D.C. Just outside of Alexandria’s gates, Rick and his people slowly walk into the void as Carl spots a young teenage girl, about his age, in a burned up … Continue reading The Walking Dead: ‘Remember’

The Walking Dead: ‘The Distance’

Tonight’s episode, “The Distance” began right after Maggie and Sasha met a clean shaven and surprisingly well dressed man named, Aaron (played by Ross Marquand). This man claims to burden Rick and his group with good news. However, the overly positive welcoming gives imminent suspicion and distrust. At this point in the apocalypse, is there anything that an outsider can do to build trust within … Continue reading The Walking Dead: ‘The Distance’