Day 4: “Stay Awhile” FREE on Amazon

Update: Day 4: FREE eBook Promotion until April 29, 2016. Stay Awhile a gripping and dark horror will premiere at the Book Expo of America in Chicago during May, 2016. Anthony Vecchiarello will appear on the Hot Indie Author Guide at America Star Books. Stay Awhile needs more Amazon reviews! Fans of The Walking Dead and Stephen King would enjoy this. Main Link to eBook Page: Currently has … Continue reading Day 4: “Stay Awhile” FREE on Amazon

Stay Awhile – Turning Into a Movie!?

Those of you who have heard, read, or seen my novel on Amazon titled, Stay Awhile, I have recently come into contact with someone who has the ability to potentially turn scripts, novels, or short stories into films. Check out my log-line at this link, BEFORE READING THAT LOG-LINE BE AWARE OF THERE BEING MAJOR SPOILERS! My book is extremely gritty, dark, spooky, horrifying, gory, and … Continue reading Stay Awhile – Turning Into a Movie!?